FEM Cleanser


Our new FEM Cleanser is actually our original COOCHEEWAA formula with the original fragrance that put Coocheewaa at our top seller’s list in 2017. We later discontinued the use of the one “paraben free” fragrance oil to focus on creating a fragrance free feminine wash later known as our current Coocheewaa scent & plant made formula our customers are addicted too. The one difference between FEMMAGIC Fem Cleanser and Coocheewaa is the Fem cleanser has the original paraben free fragrance oil giving it a more milky, deliciously hypnotic scent.

The difference is Coocheewaa has essential oils as it’s awakening sweet yet citrusy naturally fragrant scent.

Fem Cleanser has all the above with one added smooth, milky, sultry non toxic fragrant oil.






Dedicated to our FEMMAGIC earlier supporters!
Thank you!

Happy 7 year FEMMIVERSARY 12/3/22