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Yes, we are 100% owned & operated. Màat Petrova started Femmagic back in 2016. Now residing in Atlanta, Georgia with her 3 beautiful daughters Màat has over 20 years of dedication to holistic wellness and is passionate about helping women harness their feminine magic.

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Coocheewaa is your daily use feminine wash while Vagelixir is a herbal healing blend used for soothing discomfort, irritation, and killing infections. You can't go wrong by having both as your go-to femm care products for keeping your Pumpum happy, healthy & juicy!


An all natural toxin-free & plant-based feminine wash with a dainty magical aroma. Coocheewaa meaning coochee wash in ‘inside joke girlfriend terms,’ will cleanse your vaginal area without throwing off your pH levels like other chemical filled soaps.

*Coocheewaa is for external use only*

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Squeeze content onto cloth or clean hands and rub throughout pubic area, labia & entire body. Wash off with water. Enjoy the natural moisture and aroma.

Of course! You can't invest into your vaginal health without making your man invest with you. 

Here's a review from one of our longtime customers talking about how she uses Coocheewaa in her relationship.

"The very first time I ordered your Coocheewaa I was in love. But I noticed that if I had lots of sex with my boyfriend my PH would be off again so I made him start using Coocheewaa to wash his penis with and Honeyyyyyyy YAS! Can't wash my berry and not have him do the same, that's counterproductive. Let all the ladies know to wash any Dick they encounter with Coocheewaa!"

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A magical concoction made up of 100% natural botanicals known to soothe discomfort, irritation, and kill infections. Girl - this is the supreme aid to all feminine intimate matters. Also known for restoring your reproductive health, ph balance, and confidence as a woman. The most common uses for Vagelixir are vaginal odor, increasing wetness, yeast infections, fungus & bacterial vaginosis.


Antibacterial (kill bacteria growth)

Fungistatic (stops fungal infection growth)

Anti-yeast (Diminishes yeast overgrowth)

Antiseptic (kills bacteria)

Astringent (Diminishes swelling)

Detoxifier (removes toxins & impurities)

Restorative (Restores usual function)

Tonic (nourishes, tones & strengthens vaginal muscles)

Anti-pyretic (soothe inner fires, fevers)

Demulcent (soothe irritation)

Antibiotic (Kills viral & bacterial infection)

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Shake Vagelixir well. Use a disposable syringe {Do not reuse. Dispose after one use}. Dip new syringe into bottle. Fill up to 1 ml or less {the objective is to coat your vaginal canal}. Insert at leasts 3 to 4 inches deep into vaginal canal, release Vagelixir content. Pull out syringe and dispose.

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Vagelixir effectiveness was discovered 20 years ago while Màat Petrova was pregnant with a fungal infection. After creating a homemade concoction to help herself Màat was tested and deemed "all cured" by doctors. Today that concoction is known as Vagelixir, however, consult with your physician and intuition. 

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Take Vagelixir 3x a day for 5-7 days, then if called for, re-apply as needed. 

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Yes, you can use Vagelixir while menstruating.

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No, discard syringes after a single use to prevent bacterial contamination. 

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Yes you can, but be mindful when using Vagelixir with condoms as the oils may weaken condoms. if you applied Vagelixir 30 minutes prior to sex, risk for torn condoms are low. Applying 30 minutes prior to sex will not affect oral sex with bitter taste.

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Vagelixir increases natural vaginal lubrication so don’t be alarmed by the extra cream. if it is smooth, possibly white and has no odor, you are fine and extra juicy now.

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Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs are crystals that comes in various sizes and colors that hold energies and frequencies as you too hold energies and frequencies. Depending on which Yoni Egg you choose to use you'll find that each holds unique characteristics for dealing with certain areas of healing.

To choose the right Yoni Egg for you read the each Yoni Egg's description and "feel" which one resonates with you and your strongest desires most. Whether it's to heal, manifest, develop or create there are so many qualities and benefits you can gain from using Yoni Magic Eggs.... Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, Sexually, Emotionally, and Financially. You choose!

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Yes! Outside of spiritual benefits Yoni Eggs can also help you physically. By performing pelvic floor exercises while the Yoni Egg is inside of your vaginal canal you can strengthen your pelvic floor which helps tone, lift and tighten the vaginal canal. 

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Yoni Pearls

Yoni pearls are also referred to as "vaginal detox tampons". We recommend using Yoni Pearls for more serious vaginal complications such as PCOS, cysts & fibroids. These pearls are tiny & super aggressive yet extremely effective. For less serious vaginal complications like bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections we recommend using our non-aggressive, liquid herbal remedy "Vagelixir".

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Unravel the tightly wrapped string at the top of your Yoni Pearl. This string will hang outside of your vagina, like a tampon. Push the actual Yoni Pearl about 7cm into your vagina and let the string hang out for future removal.

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