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Coocheewaa (Travel Size)

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  • An all natural toxin-free & plant-based feminine wash with a dainty magical aroma. Coocheewaa meaning coochee wash in ‘inside joke girlfriend terms,’ will cleanse your vaginal area without throwing off your pH levels like other chemical filled soaps.

    NOTE: External use only. Do not insert into vagina.

    Coocheewaa does not contain harsh binding agents. Sometimes the products may separate or liquify due to warmer temperatures. The product however is fine, we suggest storing Coocheewaa in a cool environment to maintain its chemistry and consistency. 

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The Femmagic Difference

Femmagic is dedicated to transforming intimate care into a magical experience. Our enchanting blend of all-natural, non-toxic, and plant-based ingredients is crafted to gently nurture and cleanse, while our cruelty-free promise safeguards nature's harmony. Embrace the magic of Femmagic, where every product is an ode to pure, ethereal wellness.

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