Feminine care wash that leaves you feeling and smelling fresh!

  • 100% natural feminine wash 

  • Safe and gentle enough for your whole body

  • cleanses your vagina without throwing off your pH levels

"I always feel fresh and clean with this product been buying for a few years worth every penny."

Janelle D.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is Coocheewaa?

An all natural toxin-free & plant-based feminine wash with a dainty magical aroma. Coocheewaa meaning coochee wash in ‘inside joke girlfriend terms,’ will cleanse your vaginal area without throwing off your pH levels like other chemical filled soaps.

*Coocheewaa is for external use only*

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How do I use Coocheewaa?

Squeeze content onto cloth or clean hands and rub throughout pubic area, labia & entire body. Wash off with water. Enjoy the natural moisture and aroma.

Can I use Coocheewaa on my man?

Of course! You can't invest into your vaginal health without making your man invest with you. 

Here's a review from one of our longtime customers talking about how she uses Coocheewaa in her relationship.

"The very first time I ordered your Coocheewaa I was in love. But I noticed that if I had lots of sex with my boyfriend my PH would be off again so I made him start using Coocheewaa to wash his penis with and Honeyyyyyyy YAS! Can't wash my berry and not have him do the same, that's counterproductive. Let all the ladies know to wash any Dick they encounter with Coocheewaa!"

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