Vagelixir (Travel Size)

  • A magical concoction made up of 100% natural botanicals known to soothe discomfort, irritation, and kill infections. Girl - this is the supreme aid to all feminine intimate matters. Also known for restoring your reproductive health, ph balance, and confidence as a woman. The most common uses for Vagelixir are vaginal odor, increasing wetness, yeast infections, fungus & bacterial vaginosis.

    Disposable syringes not included. Syringes sold separately.


    Shake Vagelixir well. Use a disposable syringe {Do not reuse. Dispose after one use}. Dip new syringe into bottle. Fill up to 1 ml or less {the objective is to coat your vaginal canal}. Insert at leasts 3 to 4 inches deep into vaginal canal, release Vagelixir content. Pull out syringe and dispose.


    Antibacterial (kill bacteria growth)

    Fungistatic (stops fungal infection growth)

    Anti-yeast (Diminishes yeast overgrowth)

    Antiseptic (kills bacteria)

    Astringent (Diminishes swelling). Detoxifier (removes toxins & impurities)

    Restorative (Restores usual function)

    Tonic (nourishes, tones & strengthens vaginal muscles)

    Anti-pyretic (soothe inner fires, fevers)

    Demulcent (soothe irritation)

    Antibiotic (Kills viral & bacterial infection)