PH Pops (Pure Boric Acid Suppositories)

Ingredients: 100% pure boric acid, 600 mg, (recommended effective dose) vegetable capsules.


After sex. For vaginal imbalances outside of 3.8 to 4.5 pH. Odors. Bv or yeast infections.
This is known as an effective solution. However, for longer lasting more herbal benefits use VAGELIXIR for the above symptoms from FEMMAGIC. read below.



 I’ve been doing lots of research on Boric acid by your request since I was totally against it knowing they were also used to kill roaches. Does the boric@acid used to kill roaches stem from the same source as Boric suppositories yes, it called Boris and it’s a natural mineral found in the environment.
Now, while I do support natural forms of self healing from herbs, plants, minerals, and the elements, and boric acid is Natural, it still has limitations.
It is detrimental to take orally.
Pregnant women can kit consuming in any form orally or vaginally.
But according to research and women I’ve spoken to, it does the trick in diminishing yeast or odors.
I see boric acid as a quick trick. Not something to use often at all.
Only if you must.
—However, on the other hand you have options… our supreme Elixir Vagelixir that does everything Boric Acid does plus it is safe to take orally , vaginally, and pregnant women have reported using it safely as I(creator of Vagelixir) did when I was pregnant.
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