A daily guided wealth meditation facilitated by Maat Petrova LIVE in a private FACEBOOK group.


Monday - Friday 

This meditation is precisely how Maat Petrova, owner of FEMMAGIC made her first 1 million year in 2020. It was done daily M-F on IG Live from the last week of February to the first week of June. She went from 50k months to 100k and 200k months without ads, influencers, or lifting an extra finger of physical labor. The meditation was the only thing she did differently.

This meditation has manifested wealth, random large sums of monies and riches for the attendees on Tuesday's Live Meditation.  Imagine what can happen if you do it daily?

●This time your will get the meditations Live in a private group for 20 minutes as the standard or longer.

●Begins 7AM EST

●Monday through Friday (unless traveling does not permit, Maat will refer you to a pre-recorded video or reschedule for later time. Tuesday's are held on IG @femmmagic as usual.

●You will also get a daily dose of motivation in a post meditation talk with Maat Petrova sure to give you LIFE and that "can do" boost you need as she shares her wisdom, tools and tips for healing, overcoming and living your most amazing life this year!

●You will receive manifesting tips from but for extra manifesting tools from 1-28 you would need the 28 day Moon Magic program available at FEMMAGIC.COM (highly recommended).

●Money train wealth conjuring post 


This is going to be powerful and life changing.

Aligning with this wealth energy is a guarantee to your own desired wealth, luxury and ease money lends.


This is a "MONTHLY PAID" subscription based program.


You pay less than $10 a day. Worth a Million