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Last Saturday at FEMMM NYC. I was explaining to the ladies some of the benefits of @yonimagiceggs. Some of the benefits I listed was how the crystal energy of the yoni egg creates mind, body spirit and emotional balance and healing. Such healing helps with opening the heart and spirit of a woman increasing her ability to have vaginal orgasms.

75% of women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm. It’s not that the vaginal orgasm is unattainable for most, or that your partner just never hit the right spot. Most of the time its something deeper preventing women from having this type of orgasm from trauma, lack of trust, shame, not wanting to be vulnerable. This is why oral sex is a prerequisite to having intercourse for many women as they can only achieve clitoral orgasms. Clitoral orgasms are amongst the easier climaxes of the 12 types of orgasms. It takes more effort, and “letting go” to have a vaginal orgasm.

However, magical tools like yoni( yoni meaning sacred passage/ feminine sexual organ) egg crystals have been proven to work energetically in removing blockages, working through trauma, opening your heart, mind and spirit while physically strengthening your pelvic floors with yoni egg kegels.

In addition to the physical benefits, yoni eggs massage vaginal reflexology points stimulating organs in the body from your liver, spleen, kidneys, lungs to your heart within your vaginal canal and womb cavity.

I have had clients use yoni eggs who’ve never orgasmed vaginally before, share with me they began squirting after utilizing a rose quartz and clear quartz yoni eggz.

It makes sense to me as both crystal’s will open up your heart and your spirit. Most people forget the spiritual nature of sex. That it is a S.exual E.nergy X.change. That we are spirits having a physical experience.

When you begin to disparage the significance of sex diminishing it to just a “nut” or just a “pussy” and “dick” thing completely neglecting the core elements involved; the individuals, their hearts, their minds, their souls, that’s where fuckboyism and fuckgirls arise. That’s when shit gets out of whack, emotions get neglected, chics act out and niggas act out, feelings get neglected and hurt because the type of sexual interactions your having is not in alignment.

When the yoni egg crystals touch these reflexology points opening up your inner self, this leads to opening up your flood gates of an orgasm. Most women aren’t having vaginal orgasms because their hearts are closed, they’re holding on to fear, or hurt, they don’t trust the man who’s entering their intimate space enough to “let go” and vaginally ejaculate.

This is why self work is important. Becoming comfortable with exploring your body with your hands and yoni eggs to assist you with body awareness, opening up and healing. The crystal energy will initiate the process of letting go of blockages preventing you from living your best life, in the bedroom.

Why put all the pressure on your mate to “make you cum” when you yourself have no clue what it takes to make yourself cum?

Yoni eggs create a vaginal and womb awareness you didn’t have before because it is a foreign object touching areas inside of your vaginal canal and womb cavity you’re not used to feeling.

If you’re a first time user and a virgin, a small or medium size yoni egg is ideal. For non virgins a large is best. You’ll notice your level of womb awareness increases from 0-10. You’ll go from having the large egg slipping out to then learning how to use the various muscles of the vagina with your now increased womb awareness with yoni egg kegel practices.

Yoni eggs possess a myriad of benefits. Every woman wants to have orgasmic sex and a soul snatching pumpum. Crystallizing your yoni with these egg shaped gemstones possessing all the above advantages is one guaranteed way to getting there.


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    Chaynte Salazar

    Thank you so much for giving me a better insight. I’ve known about the yoni egg for awhile now but had no idea what the benefits are. After reading this you have answered almost all of my questions.

    August 11, 2018

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