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Niggas Love it till they can’t control it


Niggas love this energy until they realize they can’t tame it.
A King will love this energy and want to sustain it.
And That’s why I’m abstaining.
(A Nigga-lacking knowledge of self and unaware of the powers he possess.)

Sexual abstinence is empowering, and healing. Imagine everything you love about yourself on ten. When you’re not being drained or giving of yourself sexually or sharing intimately especially where there’s no reciprocity, your chi (life force) builds up and people, situations you lacked discipline and would fall weak to before are no longer a challenge.

I know who I am as a woman, a black woman, and a divine Goddess. This wisdom provides me with a freedom to be who I am. “You do what you want when you’re poppin” Future~

Knowing thyself is a straight confidence builder. Knowing what you possess within, that you’re literally a living deity through raising your awareness and consciousness lends an unparalleled sense of self worth nothing compares too.

Such confidence and freedom can be intimidating and confusing to Niggas.. Yet highly attractive to them as they are only seeing a representation of their higher self in you. A man can be attracted to your light, your beauty, your accomplishments, your whole vibe and want to indulge in it because.. who wouldn’t want to experience all that goodness you possess right? He’ll, dine and whine you and you’re no victim because yes, you consented to him doing so. But if that man is not equally yoked to you and all your leveled upness.. Here’s what happens…
You begin to dig him as he’s digging you. If you dont cut the relationship off before you become intimate, he will lay the dick down on you and get into your heart space. That’s what niggas do when they lack in other areas, emotionally, financially, spiritually.. They overcompensate through pipe game. You can interchange some attributes for others where some may overcompensate through material luxuries for lack of dick, emotional intelligence, spiritual awareness and so forth. Nevertheless, sex is powerful and if you become intimate with this man.. doors open.

While many women try to disregard and ignore their emotions, as if they can fuck without attachments, your spirit is well aware and engaged while you’re having a S.exual E.nergy X.change. Your heart is pumping with every stroke while your mind strives to keep you under control with lies of “it’s not that deep, it’s just sex.” This is a masculine energy trait and women, let me repeat, you will never win at this game of masculine energy. Everrr. No worries though, that’s why I’m here with you to reclaim your feminine energy in balance.

Now back to this scenario.. You’ve become intimate with this man who essentially, is just not as powerful as you. He has not invested in himself on the multiple levels you’ve invested into yourself. You may deny it, but your spirit and heart is now open. You can lie to yourself and to others but you can never disguise the vibe. He feels your energy despite your efforts to act as if it’s “not that serious” and he senses an opening to control the flow of your energy to him.
Niggas love your energy until they realize they can’t control it.
So your spirit and heart is open. He senses this as a weakness. Now before we continue let me input, having a sweet, or kind or open heart is not a weakness. It is actually a powerful strength because most……… people are afraid to open their hearts so they operate from a space of fear, control and manipulation just like the niggas I’m talking about in this blog right now but the thing is men and women both do this.

Okay so now that we’ve established an open heart is powerful and not a weakness, heres what a weak hearted nigga does when he realizes you’re now open to him.

He takes your openness as a weakness and a point for infiltration to begin chiseling at your strengths. He may be intimidated by your success because it makes a nigga feel less than while it will empower a King. He may be intimidated by your beauty and your vibe because again, niggas want to “control” the continuous flow of your energy toward them. Why? Because their flow of self love is empty, so they look to you as the life line for that energy. So he’ll stop complementing your beauty, or he may even critique or insult you rather than uplifting you. He’ll try to change or tone down the things about you that attracted him in the first place so no other man will be attracted to you as he was. He wont encourage you to do more because keeping you stifled or stationary at home, or knocked up or doing the same routine makes him feel safe about the flow of energy hes depending on you for.

Until.. one day, you wake the phuc up and adhere to the discomfort of the weird energy you feel when your man doesnt support you, to the disappointment you feel when you thought he’d be cheering you on but instead he’s low key hating, to the confusion you feel when your intuition is highly conflicted with your heart mind and vagina. That day you decide to quiet everything else and listen to your intuition telling you this does not feel right. This is not healthy for who I am. This does not support me or my higher goals and you decide to take your Magic Back. Ouuughh….
Now if your whole vibe, your lovin, your whole flex with the way you treat people is commendable, that nigga is not going out with a fight. But know, while your heart empathizes with him, people do not change over night. Keep moving forward, reclaim your power, cultivate your energy in concentration again through abstinence, cleansing rituals, affirmations, dressing up and looking Gawdly for “You,” dancing in the mirror and doing things that makes you feel Alive. Okay sis? And let this be a wonderful lesson to add to your intuitive ammunition in your ability to see a “nigga” a mile away, and not to allow anyone to drain you of your magic again. Protect your Divine Feminine Magic sis.

Here’s Cleansing rituals for removing others energy from you and getting your energy concentrated again.

1. Abstain from sex with others. Period. Can you masturbate? Yes if the masterbation is focused on you and a goal you’re womanifesting. How long? Let your intuition decide who is complementary to share such divine energy with next.

2. Get a Sage smudge stick Sage around your aura, between your legs and your home. Remember to open the windows to release the old, dark or negative energies you just smudged off.

3. Write down what you want to release and burn the paper.

3. Take a spiritual bath. Get Florida water, black african soap. And sea salt. Wash yourself starting from your crown down to under your feet. Pray for cleansing, and to wash away unwanted energies while you take your spiritual shower or bath. Tawel dap dry. Spray the Florida water all over you after your last rinse.

4. Where white after to represent cleansing, clarity, purity, lightness of your spirit.

5. Cleanse your yoni. You may use apple cidar vinegar diluted with water to internally cleanse. Other options are />Vagelixir
as it contains cleansing herbs to reset and maintains your pH balance and cleanses bacteria from previous lover, while keeping your vagina lubricated.

6. Use Crystals for balancing your spirit, mind, emotional and physical bodies. I recommend yoni eggs because it lends powerful transformation when the crystal is inside of you working with your energy. For this ritual I suggest. Black Obsidian for clearing old energy and absorbing spiritual smog, and opening the way for higher vibrations. Or a Clear Quartz forclearing, epiphanies, vibrations raising and overall self balancing.

7. Affirmations “I love myself unconditionally. I give myself the best because I deserve the best.”


  • reply

    so gooD, so true….

    September 22, 2018
  • reply

    I loved this bLog so much. You have helped me realized or remind myself that if a man cant add value to my life and who i am that it’s time to cut all tIes.

    September 22, 2018
  • reply

    This is the real

    September 22, 2018
  • reply

    Peace beautiful Goddess, I respct and appreciate ur point of vieWs, and what you do to uPlift our peopLe, eSpecially our queens. Yes i want a black queen.i do differ w u About mixed rAce relations, but i hope that doesnt interrupt w our dialogue on how to contine to grow and build our people. Which we both aspire to do. ONe love

    September 22, 2018
  • reply

    Powerful I’m waiting for the movie/Book/PLAY!!!MORE POWER AND LOVE TO YOUR TRUTH!!

    September 23, 2018
  • reply

    Whew! You just bascially read my whole life. I am 41 and still seeking/waiting/calling upon the King that will see me and think there she is, my Queen. as opposed to There is is…ATTACK! I am LOL and Angry at the same time! 🙂 This article was so ding dang affirming. I DIDN’T even know I needed to hear/read this. Thank you for the words, the understanding and the validation.

    September 23, 2018

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