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My Ovaries Wrote this

It takes a level of vulnerability to express your creativity. Your creativity arises from your sexual energy. To embrace your sexual energy in a culture that deems an integral part of our being taboo or profane takes courage and vulnerability. Vulnerability takes courage as you are taking a chance at exposing a part of yourself you haven’t yet fully embraced. Think about it. When you have completely accepted something and have become comfortable with it, vulnerability is obsolete. It isn’t needed because courage now occupies this space when you’re fully convicted and in total acceptance with a characteristic, a decision, or a reality.


However, when you’re in a space of exploring an unfamiliar place within yourself, such as your sexual energy , it can be quite unnerving miming your way through these unknown stomping grounds familiar to your lovers, your gynecologist, possibly a sexual predator, anyone but the owner of it, You.

Redefining your sexuality when until now, you’ve accepted your parent’s birds and the bees, or religious repressive constructs of sexuality, and/or the way pop culture exploits sex puts you in a vulnerable place that requires both mental and emotional grit. Claiming your root and sacral chakra (energy centers) where sexual energy exist to release your ability to create and Express your creativity like the microcosm
reflection of the Creator you are is a couragous act against those psychological bullies who told you a part of your divinity was “nasty” “shameful” “unworthy” when it is in fact the most powerful life force in the world.
Full blown breathing LIFE derives from sexual energy.Sexual energy not only brings forth life, sexual energy is healing when done holistically. Sexual energy can raise your vibrations. Sexual energy is liberating as you begin to feel whole after denying such an undeniable part of your being. Sexual energy is powerful for manifesting goals and dreams. Sexual energy is inspiring.. The best art is created, homes are decorated, songs are sung, clothing are designed, poems are written, dances are choreographed with creative sexual energy and yes it does take boldness, vulnerability and courage to express it.

If you are experiencing writers block or feeling like you can enjoy your sex life or your overall life more because you have sexually repressed energy. You’re afraid of showing that part of yourself.. Begin in the privacy of your home. Trust your feelings… Sexuality isn’t rehearsed. It’s an organic feeling conjured from the root chakra up to your crown. Put on some sexy clothes.. remember it’s about the feeling.. If you are more accustomed to repressing your tears, quieting your laughter, silencing your voice, toning down your light, then you are afraid of your feelings and of being vulnerable.
After you’ve put on your sexy clothes go infront of a mirror and talk to your self. Look yourself dead in the eyes and say “I forgive you for judging you”
” I forgive you for allowing others to define my sexuality” I forgive you for holding me back with fear of being judged” ” I love you” ” I love you the way you are and for the goddess I am”
Then turn on some of your favorite sweet music and dance Dance.... feeling the vibes, whine your waist, sway your hips, twirl around, touch your body and familiarize yourself with your sexual creative energy…

If you need more guidance with harnessing and Exploring your Divine Feminine Sexuality, You have the opportunity to come learn and enjoy yourself with other goddesses Lead by Maat Petrova at
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