Replenish, Restore, Revitalize

One of the easiest ways to become aligned with the things you want to happen in your life is by cleaning and clearing your body, removing blockages from your body with a Juice fast which will in-turn remove blockages in other areas of your life. 

Green Juice Detox  program is an all natural Juice Cleanse designed to detoxify your cells and tissues, improve mental clarity revitalize your organ systems, and assist in weight loss. 

What's included in the program

Here's why our customers love our Green Goddess Detox

Juicing Ingredients

A list of ingredients in your inbox that kills sugar addictions and unhealthy eating habits.

Group accountability

I know it's difficult to stay motivated sometimes, so expect accountability from me and your group members for all seven days of the program.

Post-cleanse meal plan

What you decide to put into your body after the juice cleanse is just as important as the cleanse it's self. That's why I provide a post-cleanse meal plan that will give you great meal recommendations. 


You are what you eat and what you think. The affirmation will also assist in keeping you centered, mentally strong when temptation or giving up sets in. It will also help maintain positive thoughts throughout your day.


To stay centered during the challenging moments with breathing techniques and the peace gained from morning meditation.

Fitness Videos

Two Fitness videos by me that will maximize your detox results. 

About maat

I am a Mental Health Therapist M.A. in MHC with an intuitive spirit/ Adlerian approach to my consultations. I generally render these services in my Beaut Camp 12 week holistic transformation program for women but I am now excited to also offer this service outside of the program to both women and men! Apart from that I looove dancing, I love making love, I loooove learning, exploring myself, the minds of others and the universe at large.

Maat Petrova

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