Coocheewaa + Vagelixir - Bundle




  • Coocheewaa is a feminine wash made with all natural and chemical-free ingredients. The infusion of essential oils in Coocheewaa create a magical smelling aroma while balancing your ph. (external use only)

    Vagelixir is a magical concoction made up of 100% natural botanicals, known to soothe discomfort, irritation, and kill infections. Girl - this is the supreme aid to all feminine intimate matters. Also known for restoring your reproductive health, ph balance, and confidence as a woman. The most common uses for Vagelixir are vaginal odor, increasing wetness, yeast infections, fungus & bacterial vaginosis.

    Does not include disposable syringes. Syringes sold separately 


    Vagelixir: Shake Vagelixir well. Use a disposable syringe {Do not reuse. Dispose after one use}. Or use sterile fingers to swipe Vagelixir into vagina Dip new syringe into bottle. Fill up to 1ml or a less {the objective is to coat your vaginal canal}. I

  • Insert at least 3 to 4 inches deep into vaginal canal, release Vagelixir content. Pull out syringe and dispose.

     Or use sterile fingers to swipe Vagelixir into vagina. The point is to coat vaginal walls.

    Coocheewaa: Squeeze content onto cloth or clean hands and rub throughout pubic area, labia & entire body. Wash off with water. Enjoy the natural moisture and aroma.