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You will notice the more you get use to reading my blogs and listening to my vlogs that I rarely speak one sided. I can’t help it, Im a libra and we are steadily weighing both sides of a story. not to mention, my name is “Maat” the Kemetic (Egyptian) goddess of Balance, truth, justice. righteousness. Hence , my middle finger on my right  and the Om fingers on my left hand. It’s not only about love and light when there is hate and dark.

We are microcosmic reflections of the Creator, the ALL which means, we too possess All within us; light, dark, good, bad, love, hate, Feminine and masculine energies are examples of the polarities and complimentary opposites within our beings. Conflict arises when there is imbalance, inequality, the scale tips to one side more than the other because to lean more to one side is to deny or neglect other aspects of oneself or a situation. This is why Balance is necessary for harmony, peace within and oneness.

Being human is a huge responsibility. You have to care for your body or it will experience disease and disfunction,your mind or it will cause ignorance or mental ailments, your spirit or you will be subjected to disharmony and victimization because you are vibrating low and unaware, your sexuality or you will not enjoy the zest and fire of life and the fun of creativity.. There’s so much for us to do, but if we were not equipped with every thing we need to be successful, I doubt we’d be giving this gift called life. It’s all a choice no matter how impossible it may seem. Tools such as meditation, yoga, mantras, and affirmations assist us in awakening our powers, increasing awareness and raises your vibations. Life becomes sweeter, more peaceful, you’ll feel more in control from the inside instead of being an external control freak, you’ll feel more comfortable in yourself on a holistic level, you’ll gain access to universal consciousness and messages first, and increase your ability to attract abundance in every area from multiple streams of income to multiple orgasms ayye….

Seek balance, breath deep and find your center through meditation.

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